Retina Display 15″ Macbook Pro upgrade

Eddie Diaz Setup

Back in October I was able to upgrade my computer to the Macbook Pro 15″ Retina display. I went from a 2008 Imac 24″. I have always thought of mac computers as great machines for design work. Ever since my first G4 mac pro back in late 90′s I have seen improvements in all the different models macs I’ve had in the past. With my new upgrade to one a laptop and two a new concept in laptops It’s been a great leap in performance and quality.

The Display
How can one not mention the incredible display on this machines. They are HDx2, just great quality and with all those pixels the screen is basically ahead of its time. After three months of use and with Photoshop finally realizing the Photoshop retina version, this has to be best display in the market. In about a year or two, this screen will become standard and using it way ahead of this has been a great pleasure.

The Experience
I opted for the 2.3GHz quad-core Intel Core i7, 256gb SSD and 16gb Ram and this computer screams! It’s been able to handle all I’ve thrown it’s way. It really has been the best design experience on any previous apple product. The combination of the SSD and the ram, really do make a difference when it comes to speed. I really recommend it to anyone who can get this setup. Right along with the 27″ thunderbolt display this is a dream machine and its capable of taking on just about anything you through at it. I have photoshop, spotify, illustrator, tweetbot, sparrow, transmit, and coda and this machines doesn’t feel any slow at all. It’s one of the great things about apple and how they innovate with their products. To my mind this has been a great investment that in the short 3 months has paid for itself.

If you are in the market for a great professional machine my setup is not only top of the line but worth every penny.

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