Photoshop and missing features for WEB/UI Designers

I have used Photoshop since the days of Photoshop 4. Thinking about that takes me way back in the days of the mac G3′s. It has come a long way of days where we didn’t really even had layers. With all the new versions since then all the improvements have made my work so much easier as time went on. But even now there are missing features for us Web UI designers. Some of these must have features include:

Built in Library Assets Feature
Wouldn’t it be great to be able one to create jobs and have a full set of elements that you an reuse within PSD’s in the same project? It’s a feature that is already built in into fireworks, flash yes, but I love working in Photoshop and just claim for this feature natively. There are a few options out there for plugins.

Master Page Feature
Creating repeating master assets that are used though out many PSDs or projects is a time saver. It also allow for us being completely focus on content elements. With a master page/asset document we can setup headers, footers, sidebars or any other repeating elements in our projects. They will be setup as masters elements and they will be consistent through out all the project. This will not only makes us more accurate but also more productive as a whole.

Better CSS code output
The idea of being able to export correct CSS form out elements within photoshop is something I love in CS6. I would like to see it improve and also maybe for it to get to the point where it can output the whole PSD into good and standard CSS.

Overall I think we do need a Photoshop Web Designer application. The above are just a few features we like to see. Many say that we should look into Fireworks to achieve some of this issues and that it’s flow is of course web related. I’ve tried Fireworks and It’s just way to different from Photoshop. Having being using Photoshop for years and years. I love how it functions and I would rather they merge fireworks to a new app with the same functionality of Photoshop. I can only hope that Adobe has this in its pipeline.

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