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What is Ajayu?

The word Ajayu comes from the language “Aymara”, which is spoken in many parts of south america still. Including Bolivia where I’m originally from.  It literally means “Soul/Spirit”. Aymaran culture believes there are three kinds of ajayus. “Jach´a ajayu”, which develops the character of an individual. “Sullka ajayu” which is the spirit of the individual and the “Jisk´a ajayu” which embodies the force and bravery of the spirit.

I thought the name was fitting since in my blog I will be sharing what I love the most. Graphic & Web Design, photography and other topics. All in all to give back to the coming up designers out there. I hope you find my blog useful.

I'm Eddie Diaz, a graphic & web designer living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I'm originally from Bolivia and grew up in New York. I have a big passion for design. My goal is to create simple, effective, beautiful and functional websites and print work at Eddie Diaz Design. This is my little corner in the internet to share design experiences, resources, html5, css3 and much more. Thanks for stopping by...