I’m Eddie Diaz and this is my personal web & graphic design blog. I’m designer located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida currently UI/Web Designer at Zumba Fitness. I also offer freelance services at eddiediazdesign.com. I have gained years of experience ┬áin the communications industry that include newspaper design, magazine art directing & radio. My specialty is Web Design, UI & Branding.

I felt in love with design early in my childhood. It took off in my high school & College days. Since then I have been learning day by day in an industry where you really never stop learning. That’s where Ajayu(what does ajayu mean?) comes in. The objective of my blog is to give back to the community that has given so much. In it you will find resources, PSDs, tutorials, articles, inspiration art & sites, information on CSS3 and HTML5 and much more.

I hope you find Ajayu useful and it helps you grow more as a designer. If you have any suggestions as what you would like to see covered in Ajayu please freel free to contact me.

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Eddie Diaz


I'm Eddie Diaz, a graphic & web designer living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I'm originally from Bolivia and grew up in New York. I have a big passion for design. My goal is to create simple, effective, beautiful and functional websites and print work at Eddie Diaz Design. This is my little corner in the internet to share design experiences, resources, html5, css3 and much more. Thanks for stopping by...